To my fellow LE and Military brothers and sisters throughout the world – my good friend “Tim Anderson” passed away this year after the onslaught of a serious medical condition he suffered with for many years.  Tim was and always will be my good friend and mentor.  He was an amazing man and human being – beyond that he was one of the most tactically minded individuals you will ever meet as his resume depicts.  In honor of Tim I am leaving his resume for the world to see – God Bless Tim Anderson – “Semper Fi”

Tim Anderson is a retired Sergeant II from the Los Angeles Police Department where he spent 28 ½ years on active duty. In addition to his patrol time as an officer and supervisor, he spent 16 years in Metropolitan Division as a Police Officer with the Special Weapons and Tactics Team [SWAT] and a Tactical Operations Supervisor with the K-9 platoon. During the 10 years he spent with the K-9 platoon, Tim was instrumental in developing and implementing the first major interagency canine training event sponsored by LAPD and the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association. Held in May 1998, the event hosted thirteen departments and trained almost 80 canine handlers and tactical officers. In addition to his interest in training, Tim has testified in numerous K-9 litigation cases in both Superior and Federal courts. In addition to Metropolitan Division, he has held assignments as a supervisor with the department’s Anti-Terrorist Division, Watch Commander – West Bureau CRASH, In-Service Tactics Unit supervisor – Training Division, Assistant Watch Commander – Hollywood Patrol Division, OIC – Southwest Division Special Problems Unit, and the Training Division representative on the Department’s Use of Force Review Board. During his tour with the K-9 Platoon he was awarded the Police Medal for bravery under fire.

In addition to the Los Angeles Police Department, Tim has 30 years of military service and retired in 1997 as Colonel in the United States Marine Corps. During his Marine Corps career, he completed tours as the Commanding Officer of two separate Battalions, G-3 (Operations) 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, G-3 (Operations) and Chief of Staff, Reserve Marine Air Ground Task Force Pacific, and Chief of the Rear Operations Group (RAOG), First Marine Expeditionary Force. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Master Degree, he is a graduate of the United States Army War College.

Prior this his retirement from LAPD, Tim joined forces with a Commander and a Captain on the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and developed a course of instruction entitled “Tactical Science”. The focus of the course is to introduce its students to the fundamental doctrinal principles from which tactics are derived. It defines and describes time honored concepts such as tempo, initiative, density, deconfliction, fog and friction and their impact on the successful resolution for tactical operations of all types. Methods for conducting a terrain analysis, envisioning and achieving an end state, developing and employing asymmetric strategies, and building an effective tactical response are also covered. To date they have taught over 1500 students from departments throughout the United States. Graduates have included civilian and sworn personnel from many agencies in the Emergency Management and Disaster Response community. Representatives from the Singapore Police Department and a Belgium counter terrorist organization have also attended.

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  1. Hey Uncle Tim, I would really like to reconnect with you. I am so proud of what you have accomplished and am forever grateful to Grandpa Sam for instilling a love for social justice in my life.

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