Jeff Miller has 21 years of law enforcement experience with the Los Angeles Police Department. Jeff has worked the Los Angeles Police Departments Metropolitan K-9 unit for the past 12 years where he has been an Assistant Trainer for the past 5 years. He is a recognized expert in K9 search team tactics, perimeter command and control, and off leash K9 search techniques. Jeff’s responsibilities include the selection and training of new canines as well as new K9 handlers. Jeff is also responsible for training and problem solving for all in service certified K9 teams. Jeff is a certified detection trainer and oversees the Los Angeles Police Department’s Gun Detection Program. Jeff is an active K9 Handler, assigned both a patrol and detection canine. Jeff has worked other divisions within the Los Angeles Police Department, where he was assigned special problem units and a CRASH gang unit. In these assignments, he has been commended for outstanding police work and tactics.

Jeff has attended numerous advanced K-9 trainer’s schools and seminars as a handler and an instructor. Jeff has instructed other officers as well as other departments in search team tactics, perimeter command and control, and K-9 problem solving for tactical searches and detection. Jeff is a California POST Certified Instructor. Below is a list of his experience and accomplishments.


21 years as a Los Angeles Police Officer

12 years as a K9 Handler for LAPD Metro K9

5 years as an Assistant Trainer for LAPD Metro K9, training new dogs as well as new handlers in K9 operations

Personally trained and certified four assigned Patrol dogs

Conducted over 1,000 K9 searches including high risk SWAT Operations

Personally involved with the training and certification of all Los Angeles Police Departments K9 Patrol dogs and K9 Handlers

Conducted numerous Divisional Training days, including classroom and practical, for LAPD and outside agencies

Provided a three day tactical K9 seminar, including classroom and practical, for ITOA (Illinois Tactical Officers Association)

Have handled hundreds of command post operations for major events including officer involved shootings and SWAT operations

Personally train all Gun Detection Dogs starting with imprinting odor through full certification

Personally train all new detection handlers

Testified in State and Federal Court on K9 operations for criminal and civil litigation

Worked Southwest Los Angeles Gang Unit for 5 years testifying as a Department Gang Expert

Worked Special Problems Unit handling high profile divisional crimes

Worked as a Training Officer for new police officers as well as new gang officers


Currently an Assistant Squad Leader and Assistant Trainer for Metro K9 maintaining s find ratio in excess of 50%

Successful in problem solving both Patrol Dogs and Detection Dogs

Successful in the instruction of new LAPD K9 handlers in the use of the E-collar and tactical search patterns

Instrumental in the development of the Los Angeles Police Departments “Gun Detection” program

Worked the first Gun Detection K9 for Metropolitan Division, maintaining a find ratio in excess of 40%

Developed off leash search and detection techniques with the “Gun Detection dogs” against advice of accomplished trainers

Certified California POST AICC Instructor

Certified Detection Trainer

Currently the “Gun Detection Dog Coordinator” for the Los Angeles Police K9 Platoon. Overseeing all Training and operations

Have instructed for the Los Angeles Police Canine Association (LAPCA), as well as other K9 seminars, for patrol and detection

Have received countless police commendations for tactics as an Officer and K9 Handler

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