Sergeant Doug Roller (Retired)

Retired Sergeant II + I Douglas Roller
Former Chief Trainer Metropolitan Division K9 Platoon
Los Angeles Police Department

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Sergeant Doug Roller was the Chief Trainer for the Los Angeles Police Departments (LAPD) K-9 Platoon, Metropolitan Division for 17 years, until he recently retired in March of 2013.  He is a nationally recognized expert in K-9 tactics, perimeter containments and search techniques, with over 6,500 K-9 deployments. Doug had been a member of the LAPD since 1982. In his over 30 years of service Doug has been assigned to the K-9 Platoon Division for 25 years.  He was a handler and Assistant Trainer for over 7 years and captured over 400 suspects with his assigned canine during that time.  Doug oversaw all aspects of K9 training, maintenance and K9 selection for the LAPD K9 Platoon.  Their Platoon maintained one of, if not the highest find ratio in the nation (52 to 55 %).  Sergeant Roller is a court qualified K9 expert and has testified in numerous K9 litigation cases.

He has also worked numerous patrol divisions, including the OIC for the Rampart CRASH Unit, Complaint Investigation Units and has received numerous unit commendations and LAPD’s Bravery Under Fire Medal.

In 2010 Doug started his company “Tactical K9 LLC.” He is the owner and CEO.  His company has conducted countless seminars throughout North and South America as well as Asia, instructing on Perimeter Containments, Search Team Tactics and proper E-collar use (Off-Leash Control).  Doug is also a California POST Certified AICC Instructor.  He has conducted approximately 200 E-collar Workshops since the company was established.  Tactical K9 has contracted with all branches of the military as well as some of the Special Forces Units.  Tactical K9 LLC is qualified for military contracts with current CAGE and Dunn Nos.


• Over 30 years as a Los Angeles Police Officer.

• 19 years as a Los Angeles Police Sergeant.

• 17 years as Chief Trainer, 4 years as Assistant K9 Trainer.

• 7 years as a K9 Handler.

• Apprehended in excess of 400 suspects during assigned K9 searches.

• Assisted in the physical apprehension of over 1,500 suspects while assisting on K9 searches.

• Assisted and managed in excess of 6,500 K9 searches.

• Personally trained and certified in excess of 300 Police Service Dogs.

• Assisted training in excess of 1,500 Police Service Dog Teams.

• Successfully implemented the Los Angeles Police Departments Find & Bark Policy for K9 Deployments.

• Developed K9 Directed Deployment Protocols for K9 / SWAT Criteria.

• Testified numerous times in Civil and Federal Court as a K9 and Use of Force Expert (voir dire in Civil and Federal Courts)

• Retained by numerous Southern California Attorneys for advice and representation for ongoing litigation.

• Conducted hundreds of Police K9 demonstrations and lectures on the use of the Police Service Dog.

• Been personally involved in several Officer Involved Shootings (not litigated).

• Officer In Charge of Rampart Gang Unit.

• Officer In Charge of Complaint Investigation Unit.

• Instructed in excess of 1,500 officers in K9 search tactics and perimeter containments for the Los Angeles Police Department.

• Instructed in excess of 3500 Law Enforcement and Military personnel in K9 Behavior, Problem Solving, E-collar work, High-Risk K9 searches, and Perimeter Containment and K9 SWAT applications.

• Conducted approximately 200 E-Collar Workshops for Police and Military canine handlers throughout the world.


• Maintaining K9 Platoon find ratio in excess of 50% for the past 10 years, with a bite ratio below 25%.

• Successfully testified numerous times in Civil and Federal Courts as a K9 Expert never losing a case.

• Developing the Departments first “Gun Detection” program with single purpose canines utilizing off-leash search techniques.

• Certified California POST AICC Instructor (No. 1850 – 21705).

• Certified for military contracts with current CAGE and Dunn Numbers.

• Instructor for the Los Angeles Police Canine Association annual Police K-9 Seminar

• Board member for the Los Angeles Police Canine Association

• Instructor for Dogs Against Drugs Dogs Against Crime (DADAC) Organization.

• Instructor for the Police K9 Magazine annual HITS Seminar and author of several writings and periodicals for the magazine.

• Past Associate Editor for the Police K9 Magazine.

• Instructed (current trainer – 2010) for Gallup New Mexico K9 Unit, certified same in patrol and narcotics detection.

• Instructed (past trainer – 2013) for Paterson New Jersey Police Departments K9 Unit.

• Instructed for the Omaha Police Department, assisting in their development of high risk search tactics, perimeter containments, and off-leash K9 search tactics.

• Judged in several K9 Competitions throughout the nation.

• Assisted in developing the Los Angeles Police Departments first Tracking & Trailing Program.

• Assisted in a successful presentation for “K9 Hazard Pay” to the Los Angeles Police Departments Police Commission.

• Board member in good standing for the organization K9s4Cops founded by Kristi Schiller.

• Written and published numerous periodicals related to canine training and search tactics.

• Owner and CEO of Tactical K9 LLC (

• Assisted in developing the Los Angeles Police Departments K9 Manual.

• Received in excess of 100 Police Commendations for outstanding work.

• Received several Police Meritorious Unit Citations for Outstanding Work.

• Received Police Medal for Bravery under fire.

Updated November 2021

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  1. I attended two of Mr. Roller’s classes at the K-9 Cop seminar. I enjoyed both of the classes and took things from them that we can put into use. Thanks again for the training.

  2. My partner and I just completed Doug’s Basic E-Collar Course, and it was by far the best week of training in which I have participated. Doug is patient and extremely knowledgeable which makes for amazing training. I was called away during the fourth day of training to search with my dog. I applied the training and had the best search to date. This should be required training for all handlers. Thanks again Doug

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